Matlin & Associates represents clients in San Francisco and San Mateo Counties specializing in:

Landlord & Tenant Law
Landlord & Tenant Law encompasses more than evictions.  We offer solutions that arise within the landlord tenant relationship.

Rent Control Law
Rent control rules and regulations that govern your properties, rent board hearings and mediations, and compliance with the rent board.

Wrongful Eviction and Affirmative Lawsuits by Tenants
Lawsuits arise when a tenant feels that they have been wrongly evicted or are forced to vacate from their rental home by their landlord.  There are several laws the landlord must follow that govern a tenancy.

Unlawful Detainers / Evictions
We offer flat fee rates on certain residential evictions, and low cost solutions for all other evictions.  Notice preparation and warning letters (to your tenants), covering all steps in the eviction process.

Criminal Law
Years of experience with navigating through the criminal justice system.  Whether it is DUI, or a Wet Reckless, you will receive effective counsel at a reasonable rate.

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