Entering into the eviction process, also known as an unlawful detainer, with a problem tenant can be confusing, uncertain and costly.  The path is littered with complicated legal issues that will trip up an unprepared landlord. Having accurate and current records, in writing, along with an experienced and effective attorney will make this process easier.

For evictions in San Francisco and San Mateo County, Matlin & Associates will handle your case with ease and superior knowledge.

At Matlin & Associates, we offer flat fee rates on certain residential evictions, and low cost solutions for all other evictions.  We will also prepare your notices and draft warning letters to your tenants, to ensure everything is correct and legal, all at a low cost.  Regardless of the situation, Matlin & Associates, will guide you through the eviction process in a smooth and concise manner.  It is our goal to make the eviction process easy and hassle free to all landlords.

If you would like to discuss a possible case, please contact us.

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